Dr Rev Prof Josh, M.D., D.P., E.G.G., e¥eƒardéd CULTLEADER.GLOBAL of TABERNACLE OF WHATEVER, future and former CULTLEADER's assn. of esomerica TOW EL EL SEE INCORPORIALATED presenting:

The Esomerica Infinibilum Blitherings of CULTLEADER renown exemplar.

 Absolutely real and true messages sent to us from man's future by a benefactor known to us as CULTLEADER.GLOBAL

recently this website surfaced from a source our top scyantists have told us, is being hosted in the future. 

What's more strange is that it links to our home page and came online the same day we began Tabernacle Of Whatever.

KEEP READING beyond the jump↴↴↴



This is our initial offering to the world wide web of the CULTLEADER and CULTLEADER.GLOBAL files we have recently received.

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If you're here because you saw us featured on Tucker Carlson on X or you're here from TOWRECORDS, we are glad you're here to DIG DEEPER!

A few notes before we begin our first dissemanation; You can't kill the sheriff, you can only become him. now with that said, these transmissions or files we have received are almost without a doubt from something that could be refered to as "the future". Given the sensitive and timely manner of the "Mana Man's" "SPEW/Comm(Pre)" as loosely translated by our team (they deliberated on it for hours).  

We have sparsed and correlated most of the information but the transmissions continue to become more strange and nebulous. We continue to log and to the best of our understanding; compile and introduce new charters as we go.

As always, working with these kinds of technologies can be extremely dangerous (ACHTUNG!) but here at Tabernacle Of Whatever, El El See Incorporialated; we believe the work we are doing is in alignment with the "Mirthy Spew" of CULTLEADER and CULTLEADER's before him.

Thank you and enjoy your deep dive into the CULTLEADER symposium infinibilum!

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The light coded transmissions from CULTLEADER, have been pieced together to find the first ever unknown symbol from a time yet to be.

My name is Dr Rev Prof Yosh D'Vis, MD DP orater of CON/SIN. I stumbled into this position after my pheonix rising cannon event wondering in the desert. Now I humbly clerg this tabernacle of whatever while in this purgatorious meat realm to fullfil that which the CULTLEADER told me I am needed for: 

The yet-to-be-prophesied prophetic word that a coming prophesy will one day be prophesied about CULTLEADER.  

For now I tend the messages that CULTLEADER sends somehow back in time and interpret them with the help of the EL EL SEE foundation we set up for all this, Tabernacle Of Whatever. It's our secret non-local over-underground base camp for all things CULTLEADER and CULTLEADER prophecy.

What follows is a collection of the various types of transmissions both akustical and linguistical in outcome (post translation and "de-blithering" as we like to call it). By taking the messages and creating a reverse entropical rendition, on a macbook in logic of course; the electromagnetic recordings comes through. Often theres a mix of a written and auditory elements, both structured in a way that suggests this "sender" has been consistent in rendering for some time...

...and how long has CULTLEADER been sending then? Have we only just now begun to listen?

Below is one such transmission that has been supposedly successfully translated yet unsuccessfully unscrambled in the opinion some of our top scientists; and yet disputably it is not only solved it's message is clearly obvious according to some others who referred to the ones who "couldn't figure it out" as "drooling smooth brains":


Lights glows in a darker space befoer clusters of open hapless mortician harmers given up front access beyond measure of will to wonders associated with infinite particle energry tugging on ones shirt glitch the schreen hello hello hello hi 

####number' input: ########0####_####

uplink achieved.en

package in route, sir:]]]]]]]

!n////. ººº••£££




Tabernacle Of Whatever along with our friends and family and many logiological partners present a wonderful new business for the world to spread good audio messages from the future and beyond back around to the the right now! like a boomerang of light, let the sounds of TOW RECORDS carry you to another dimension!

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In addition to audio and litterary devices, we receive periodically certain images. Below is one of the first transmissions ever received, displayed in reverse entropy through the help of the Microshell Neuramet Explorer.

The TOW library is growing everyday as we update the servers and share transcoded material. explore the site for more and enjoy some examples like the CON/SIN below


This is a work from 16th century prophetic artist Pieter Bruegel. The above work is a piece from one of his more well known collection of works "Invidia Horrendvm"

It's very nice.

If you would like to access more of our servers where we have compiled more transmissions among other various CULTLEADER oddities 


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-Dr Rev Prof Josh

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