TRANSMISSION accordances: 692.42-96.3 432hz ---03

Translated by YOUSH' D'Lime

capacitor = yes. engaged]^^



is an inevitable event that is talked about in the prophesied about prophecy that is yet to be prophesied.  At this time in reverse entropy world the CULTLEADER prophetic prophecy will be revealed and the work of Tabernacle Of Whatever to translate the CULTLEADER transmissions from the future will materialize CULTLEADER in the true way and transgressifer all former cultleaders, thereby fulfilling the slogan and tag line of CULTLEADER, "WE ARE ALL CULTLEADER".

The only suredly time of happening is inside this eon. An eon however, not being a measurement of time, still encapsulates the archetype of CULTLEADER within the resounding halls of CULTLEADER's timeline and history. To furthur disect the issue of CULTLEADER timelines, we work backwords from our limited understanding of the future.  The music industry or what resembled what we understand in our times to be a technocratically and globaly ran music industry slowly rose through power and through the ironic rise of technocratic real life blockchain users. The GRD online system is the structure of law and order, heirarchical and watched over by 4 cloud based bio-quantum archangel machines. These machines represent the four corners of the GRD musical world, where the inhabitants must create with sound to receive rabbits, little coins that vibrate.

We celebrate the CULTLEADER ULTIMATE MATERIALIZATION event every day when we wake up usually 2 or 3 times.


We ran an office bet with some of the top level scientists we have here at Tabernacle Of Whatever, to see if the legend was true:

and the legend goes like this; if you hang the CULTLEADER sign above your bed when you give thanks and celebrate the CULTLEADER ULTIMATE MATERIALIZATION event. either by yourself or with a friend, that it will amplify the hidden esoteric meaning of light and higher vibration, thereby enhancing the moment of celebration.

-CULTLEADER's bedroom

This work is supported by Tabernacle of Whatever and TOWRecords the office EL EL SEE subsidiary off shore shell company that produces our wonderful CULT's CULT MUSIC.

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