Tabernacle Of Whatever Preservational Society Presents: 

Foundation of Augmented Technologies for Cymatic Harmony In Music and Entertainment (FATCHIME):

we believe in the power of tuning music from 440hz slightly down to 432hz for max harmony with body cells and also weightloss. It alighns the cymatic structures within your body down the the very cell wall and creates a pocket of light energy (or qui/qi/prana) to resonate inside you. 

By taking your final mix into a mastering project, and tuning the entire stereo mixdown from 440hz down to 432hz (including that with any mastering done to the file) it automagically trans's the file into a cymatically harmonious logiological experience, resonating at the same frequency as all life and creation and spewings.

We highly encourage you to try it, as it is an easy and free method to attaining higher vibratory measures within cymatic structures.

If you would like to gnow more about FATCHIME and the many other great works we are doing here at Tabernacle Of Whatever, including the CULTLEADER transmissions project; please clonk here!

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Tabernacle Of Whatever is proud to present all CULTLEADER.GLOBAL recordings now in 432hz tuning!

joined by the Tabernacle Of Whatever Choir, and music directed by CULTLEADER!

hear the latest musical messages from CULTLEADER here!

University West Coast FATCHIME Institute of research.

Here at the institute where we also house the equipment to receive transmissions_+ HIJACQ: portion: CODE -^^^>lock@7***




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to power the entire operation.  With these combined enrgetic forces we achieve total Chimeography.

We hope that helps clear up some confusions surrounding the work we do receiving and translating these specific messages being sent to our foundation daily.  Check out the symposium for more info on the messages or continue reading for more on FATCHIME!

432 Hz tuned music is what we like here at TOW.

Several years ago the FATCHIME foundation successfully helped fund this article from the Journal of Popular Music Studies from University California

Our efforts as a global foundation on a mission for harmony in music and entertainment has put us at the absoluty for-front of cutting edge cymatic and resonant technologies....and in some cases: FROM THE FUTURE.

You read that correct! We work closely with our parent umbrella global senior leadership counsel at TOW to maintain constant flow and retreival of independant fluxuatable transmissions that we receieve daily using our specific neuramet technology to "go off grd" so to speak, and peer into the future of 432Hz tuned music technology!

And we'll tell ya folks right here for the first time, the world is filled with beautiful 432Hz tuned music everywhere in the future!