Mian arm engagement sector, alpha 9 bravo

Reaching for it,: must be...

Find: [enlightenment.ex𝓮] not found, nowhere near here.

“You can’t get there from ℎere”

Featuring your fa/////



%%%%\|/optimization master plan the feature and foremost way of becomingggggggg.(((((

The coat came in suddenly and without a reckoning 

It swung its big furls at me wildly

I didn’t have any time to react more than the 80ms response delay time of my man eyes. The experience left me transferring light from the back of the retina to the flipped image in the [redacted]. There in his dark cave he processes.

In that split second I was completely unaware; incapable of doing anything about it...

I did not cut you off he says, I absolutely did not!

It was one of those moments when the atmosphere of sound around us sorta shifts. Something like the lull in a song that reminds you it's all story, you hear it as everything else moves to the side. Only that still small voice remains.

I am constantly evolving what this should be, what words and communication we feel and express. 

If you feel you need to be something else then do it he says, misremembering that we are both in this together.